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Paper Shredders - Your guide to choosing the right shredder from home, office and industrial shredders!

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What are the different types of Paper Shredder?

Essentially paper shredders, also known as document shredders are split in to two basic types; either a Crosscut Shredder or Stripcut Shredder both of which are available in many different sizes from small home, limited speed & capacity shredders , through to deskside, office and departmental shredders and finally large heavy duty industrial shredders. Crosscut shredders are also know as confetti cut shredders, diamond cut shredders or particle cut shredders all of which effectively do the same job just that the shape of the final shredded particle varies depending on the cut. The most common method for classifying shredders is the DIN standard which categorises paper shredders into different security levels (levels one through to six) depending on how secure you want the final the final shredded result to be.

What is a Stripcut Shredder?

Stripcut shredders will cut a sheet of A4 paper into strips typically along the length. The width of each strip cut varies dependent on the width of the cutting wheels inside the shredder. Typically the smallest strip cut size is 1.9mm, so each A4 paper sheet is cut into 1.9mm strips. The next size up is a 3.9mm stripcut, 5.8mm strp cut and finally the biggest cut and least secure is 10.5mm strip cut. For the highest level of security choose the smallest stripcut size.

Paper Shredder result showing 1.2mm strip cut - Security Level 3

Paper Shredder result showing 3.9mm stripcut - Security Level 2

Paper Shredder result showing 5.8mm strip cut - Security Level 2

Paper Shredder result showing 10.5mm stripcut - Security Level 1

Benefits of a strip cut shredder

Because strip cut shredders only have to cut the paper in one direction there is less mechanical strain on the motor, they are therfore generally faster and can handle a greater document capacity than that of a similarly priced cross cut shredder.

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What is a crosscut shredder?

A crosscut shredder will cut an A4 piece of paper into hundreds and thousands of tiny pieces, first cutting one way across the length and then another cut across the width of the paper. The resulting number of shredded pieces is dependent on the choice of the crosscut size and the security level of the chosen shredder. The crosscut sizes vary depending on the manufacturer and model but the most common crosscut sizes are

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